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Small Town Feel

Big time service

Custom Interior Solutions is a family owned, operated and staffed business.  We were all born and raised in Brigham City and made the choice to make our lively hood right here in the town that made us who we are.  

One Stop Shop

Because we are a ‘small’ family business we knew it would be important that, to be able to compete with ‘franchise’ businesses, we would need to keep our prices low and our products readily available.  We also knew it would be imperative to have a variety of products.  We believe we have done just that!  We are a ‘one stop’ shopping experience. When you walk into our store you notice right off that we have quite an array of products from everything from floor coverings (of every type you can imagine) to bathroom shower and tub surrounds (both in tile and cultured marble), to blinds and shutters for your windows (priced so you can afford them).    

"What makes working with us the best experience you will ever get, is that you are getting over 70 years (combined) craftsmanship experience"

There will always be those floor covering businesses out there that offer you great pricing.  And that is fine with us, in that we can do the same.  But, with that being said, the biggest thing that separates us from our ‘competition’ is that we are all seasoned in our workmanship!  What makes working with us the best experience you will ever get, is that you are getting over 70 years (combined) craftsmanship experience.  We were all raised in the carpet business and we have stuck with it.  We have perfected our art and we want to share our talents with you and your family.  We truly treat your home as if it were one of our own and make it as beautiful as you can imagine.  

"The Bitterness of Poor Quality Remains Long After the Sweetness of Low Price is Forgotten"

So please, go ahead and do your shopping, do your price comparisons…but remember these three things; (1) CIS is a 3 generation business (2) we can compete with the franchise businesses pricing and product availability and (3) we want you to keep your business in our little town because that is where our bread and butter is….we put our earnings right back into our community.  Your money stays right here in Brigham City.  Bottom line….just because we are a small family owned business doesn’t mean we can’t compete with the larger franchises. 

Drop in anytime for a look-see and then let us give you a free quote.  

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