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Who we are

A little about where we come from

"Installing flooring is not a job to us, its a form of artistry."

Next Generation

One day my son Ryan came to me and told me he would like to own a floor covering business, so in 2007 we opened a store for him called Custom Interior Solutions and located it  at our present address at 1100 North main.  

I want you all to know that I love my job.  Yes, I actually enjoy going to work every day.  Through the years people have asked why I have kept in the floor covering business for so long and I tell them this...installing flooring is not a job to me its a form of arteristy.  When I can walk into a home and make something old look new again it makes me happy.

Small town feel with a big city reputation

My name is Craig Bywater and I was born right here in good ole Brigham City!  My parents are Jim B and Marie Bywater.  They owned and operated a floor covering business at 145 North Main in the early 50's and called it Bywater Floor Coverings.  That is where I grew up.  I spent all my youth there working and learning the trade.  When I became old enough I took over for my father and ran the business for several years.  Both my parents were gone by the late 70's and so I bought the business and I too raised my 7 children there in that business until most of them had married and moved on to other things.  

"We have expanded our business through the years and have added cabinetry, blinds, shutters and cultured marble showers, tub surrounds and vanities."

Our creed at Custom Interiors is this "we treat the work we do in your home as if we are doing the work in our own home".  Nothing makes our day more than walking away from a job that is done and seeing the 'satisfied' smiles on my customers faces!

We are a family business and have been now for 3 generations.  There is my son Ryan, myself, my wife Janeen, another couple of sons Chet and Adam and daughter-in-law Jean.  We all love what we do.

Our ultimate goal is help you achieve your goals for your home.  We have expanded our business through the years and have added cabintry, blinds, shutters and cultured marble showers, tub surrounds and vanities.  We have expert installers to add these new features to your home.  We really want to become your one stop shopping experience!


So why choose us?  Well, we want to share our knowledge with you.  We want to help you know all about the ins and outs of your products.  We want you to understand what the products are made of and how they may affect your enviriment.  We want to teach you how to care for the products that you have just spent your hard earned money on.  We want you to be happy with not only your choice in product, but equally as important, the quality in which it was installed.

We look forward to working with you and giving you the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, play room or home of your dreams.

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